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Last update: July 16

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Everything revolves around here Cala Millor! ⭐️ Cala Millor is located on the east coast of the Spanish Balearic Island and is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Mallorca.

⭐️ The white sandy beach, which was even awarded the blue flag, pleases holidaymakers just as much as the family-friendliness of the resort, which was founded especially for tourism.

With a few thousand inhabitants and no pronounced party tourism, this town is one of the quieter places in Mallorca, but it has a lot to offer and offers plenty of employment opportunities.

Due to the Mediterranean climate of the island, the nights are mostly balmy even in the winter months and invite you to spend many hours outside.

Everywhere in Cala Millor there are small shops that provide tourists with everything they need and invite them to go shopping in the pedestrian zone.

The hustle and bustle and the relaxed atmosphere offer just the right mix of relaxation and distraction. There are also many bars and cafes in Cala Millor.

There are only a few discos in Cala Millor. However, party holidaymakers will find significantly more choice in Cala Ratjada, which is only 17 kilometers away, and party trips are made possible by various organizers.

The beautiful and old town of Artà is only 15 minutes away by car.

You can also quickly walk to Sa Coma or the marina of Cala Bona.

The history of the place Cala Millor briefly told

This beautiful place has only existed since 1930, when the first buildings were built. First Hotel is the Hotel Eureka from 1934. Soon there were plans to develop the place into a tourist village.

But only 1958 followed with the Hotel Sabina the next facility.

After that, other hotels, several shops, cafes and restaurants such as this were built relatively quickly Cafe del Sol opened.

Popular hotel chains such as the Hipotels can now be found here in abundance. The waterfront was designed by Joan Llinàs in 1962 and still bears his name.

Only three years later, the expansion of this zone began, so that the promenade has reached Cala Bona since the 1970s. That is why both cities are often combined.

The bay of Cala Millor

In the meantime, it has grown into a tourist stronghold without being clearly connected to the typical party tourism.

It's more of a place for Beach– and family vacations, even if the party is within reach, as is so often the case on Mallorca.

Today, this city is not only a popular tourist spot, but also often the place where British or Germans settle as part of a second home.

Online portals like Holidaycheck offer tens of thousands of trips every year.

From the capital Palma (Palma de Mallorca with its Playa de Palma beach) it is only about 45 minutes to get here.

One of the most popular tourist spots on the island of Mallorca

Cala Millor is about 75 kilometers from PMI / Son Sant Joan Airport. Even during events, this beautiful place cannot hide the tourist background.

The market, which takes place every Monday, mainly offers goods that are of particular interest to tourists.

The streets are closed to traffic during the many weekly markets.

On August 2nd, the patron saint of the town, Nostra Senyora dels Àngels, is also celebrated.

Festes del Turiste (The Tourist Festival) traditionally take place in the last week of September and are intended to extend the summer season. They come up with concerts, dances and sporting events.

The highlight is a beach fireworks display.

The sandy beach of Cala Millor is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, if not one of the most beautiful of all the Balearic Islands.

A pair of  Tip however, he is not.

Especially during the season it is very busy. Accordingly, vacationers can find all conceivable tourist amenities directly on the overbuilt former dunes.

Cala Millor beach is particularly suitable for children. The waves aren't too strong and the beach goes far into the sea before it actually gets deeper.

The jetty of Cala Millor

Cala Millor beach is divided into four sections.

The place itself is divided into Arenal de Son Servera (the northernmost stretch of beach) and in Platja de Sant Llorenç.

The latter, at 1.200 meters, is the largest part of the beach and takes its name from being the beach belonging to the municipality of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

There is also another section that belongs to Platja de Sant Llorenç and is called Son Moro.

Son Moro Bonavista is the part of the name here, but today it is at least practically a district because of the expansion of the tourist resort.

Cala Nau closes the beach of Cala Millor to the south, after which Headland Punta de N Amer begins the town of Sa Coma.

The Beach is about 2000 meters long.

The small bay that is created there is one of the most beautiful places on the entire Playa de Cala Millor.

Cala Millor leaves nothing to be desired for those interested in culture or for sports enthusiasts.

However, the parish church of the Mother of God of Angels is a rather simple building and not worth a visit for most.

The caves, on the other hand, are worth seeing Coves del Drac and Coves des Hams, which are near by Porto Cristo are located.

The wine-growing areas around Felanitx are also a popular tourist destination.

Vacationers can not only admire the landscape here, but also taste and buy local products.

The place is also known throughout Mallorca for the Auditòrium Sa Màniga, where great concerts regularly take place.

Sports activities in Cala Millor or just swimming? Of course you can do both!

Athletes can not only use the sea in front of Cala Millor or Sa Coma for swimming and sunbathing, on the east coast of Mallorca there is almost every water sport the right place.

Cala Millor beach

Snorkeling and diving, kayaking or sailing and even surfing is also possible here.

However, there are many options on the east coast around Cala Millor to the gulf or tennis.

Hikers get their money's worth, as do cyclists, although the latter is particularly popular in the cooler months. If you feel like it, you should dare to walk from Cala Millor to Sa Coma.

Various organizers also offer cultural tours or sporting excursions, all of them points of interest & sights approach, which can be reached within a day trip.

In this way it is possible to get an excellent insight into the beauty and diversity of Mallorca from the location.

Popular places near Cala Millor

Popular hotels in town

Our FAQ about Cala Millor

Which hotels are open in Cala Millor?

A current list of open hotels in Cala Millor can be found here.

How is Cala Millor?

It's just great in Cala Millor.

Families and pensioners in particular feel at home here.

The party tourism has given way in recent years, but there are still plenty of opportunities for young people to let off steam.

A multitude at bars and a nightclub are available.

The place is extremely family and disabled friendly.

Architecturally, maybe not the most beautiful place on the island, but friendly, open and easy to feel good!

When is the market in Cala Millor?

The market in Cala Millor takes place weekly during the season.

To the market in Cala Millor we have a detailed article including pictures written for you.

There you will find all important information presented in detail.

Does Cala Millor have a port?

No, there isn't one in Cala Millor Port.

The next real port is in the neighboring town of Cala Bona and can be reached on foot in about 20 minutes.

There are also great restaurants and bars to enjoy the beautiful view of the small ships.

How much do loungers cost in Cala Millor?

For this question, which is asked anew every year, we have also a good guide written.

What is the population of Cala Millor?

As of 2016, 5778 registered residents lived in Cala Millor.

Where can you find the celebrities in Mallorca?

In Cala Millor you can also find a few celebrities from TV, although not the really well-known ones.

Through shows like "Goodbye Germany" the small town of Cala Millor has become very well known over the last few years and has gained dubious fame as an emigrant town.

Emigrants are very well known Jens BuechnerDaniela Buechner and Jennifer Mathias.

Conclusion: We love Cala Millor - The return journey is always very difficult!