Cala Millor Webcam ⭐️ 5 Live Cams

Here you will find five Cala Millor webcams, which are updated every hour.
Are you longing for a vacation on Mallorca on the east coast again? So do we! For the wanderlust there is nowadays fortunately a selection of live cameras.
These 5 webcams show you Cala Millor beach, so you can quickly and easily get a glimpse into your favorite place and get an idea of the weather.
They are not 100% live, the photos are actually updated hourly, so you can always see what is currently going on in the place.
The webcams are powered by and provided (thank you!) by!

Webcam number 1

Cala Millor Webcam 1
Substitute link to webcam 1 – should no correct time be displayed here

Webcam number 2

Cala Millor Webcam 2
Substitute link to webcam 2 – should no correct time be displayed here

Webcam number 3

Cala Millor Webcam 3
Substitute link to webcam 3 – should no correct time be displayed here

Webcam number 4

Cala Millor Webcam 4
Substitute link to webcam 4 – if correct time is not displayed here

Webcam number 5

Cala Millor Webcam 5
Substitute link to webcam 5 – if correct time is not displayed here

More info about the webcams

Note: The replacement links go directly to the graphic of the corresponding webcam, because the sometimes does not always output the correct times and images with. The problem cannot be solved otherwise. Sorry for that!
Normally, these webcams are used to monitor the beach, regarding low tide, high tide and the weather in Cala Millor.
Especially during storms and high tide, socib uses the beach webcams to evaluate data. We are of course pleased that the photos are also available on the Internet.
So together we can see live pictures from the beautiful east coast resort on a regular basis.
You also operate a camera live on site and would like to list it here? Then simply contact us by e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
We will be happy to list your cam on our website – for great pictures from the beach. You have discovered something great on a webcam?
Then just leave us a hint via the comment function. We are very happy about it!


How up to date are the Cala Millor webcams?

The photos are updated every hour. If the time does not fit, use the link just below the photo.

Where are the webcams located?

The 5 different cameras are all located on the Castell de Mar Hotel.

Are the webcams free of charge?

Yes, of course! Just visit our site and check out the cams there. They are free of charge, of course.

Can you download and share the photos?

In our opinion, yes.

Who provides the webcams?

This is done through the

Is there a webcam in the pedestrian zone?

Unfortunately, not yet. So you can not see how it currently looks in the pedestrian zone in the village.

How is it now in Cala Millor?

Good question. Just take a look at the webcams here, and you'll get the best overview of what it's like in Cala Millor right now.

What does the beach in Cala Millor look like?

For that, it's best to take a look at our webcams. The condition of the beach in May 2022 is rather worse than you know it from before.
We have created an extra another post on the topic “Beach of Cala Millor.”

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